Sunday, December 03, 2006


Since there are no patterns on the site at the moment, here is a handy list of links to Harry Potter Knitting Patterns on the web:

Harry Potter Movies 1 and 2 (From Atypically.knit)
Harry Potter Movies 3 and 4 (from Atypically.knit)

House Sweaters
Weasley Sweater
* MA version
* Blue Blog version
Quidditch Sweater

House elf socks

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Welcome One, Welcome All

Hi Everyone!

This site sprouted from a very basic idea to compile a one-stop place for Harry Potter Knitting and Crafty patterns. There are many communities and individual designers out there with free knitting patterns based on Harry Potter, but, rather than being a mere links-site, this site itself will host the actual patterns.

This site and all the information on it will be 100 percent free, and all the patterns/instructions should relate to Harry Potter. They can be replicas of items found in the movies, or things found in the books that would be cool to make.

Consider this version 0.0001. It needs a lot of work, and many many contributions. All of this revolves around my spare time (which in three weeks will skyrocket, only to plummet again as the new semester starts).

If you have any free Harry Potter-based patterns and would like to make them available, send them to me at HPCompendium (at) gmail (dot) com. Replace what's in parenthesis with what it says.

Thanks, and Welcome!